GLPA is a boutique learning and development consultancy, creating unique leadership development offerings to globally-minded organizations in Asia.

We support our clients to accelerate leadership development to compete more effectively in a growing competitive landscape. Our programs are designed to enhance and create forward-focused learning organizations with highly motivated people who are doing the work they are passionate about.Riken and Rohini

We co-design and implement innovative and transformative leadership development programs in line with the organization’s vision. We promote environments of openness, asking questions and taking chances. In short, we work to evolve 21st Century Leadership. 

In order to succeed today, we believe we must advance, individually and collectively, in the areas of innovation, collaboration and empathy. He have reached a turning point in history. Business as usual with a single-minded focus on profits will no longer take us where we need to go as a society. Today, corporations must take into consideration all the communities they touch. Those that can successful do this will be around for the long term.

We partner with organizations that share our values to accelerate the evolution of leadership from command and control to partnership and accountability. We believe that to be sustainable, corporate culture, customer service and community must be a central focus.

We lead change. One of our competitive advantages is that we do aim to practice what we preach. We don’t just talk about authenticity, empowerment and leadership, we are committed to it and we practice it. We have created a  learning laboratory to practice innovative distributed leadership practices. To learn more about our leading edge conversations and activities please visit the Global Leadership Community.

If you share our vision and would like to explore methods to empower and invigorate your people, excite your customers and create organic processes of innovation, we would like to work with you.

To learn more about our highly innovative and adaptable leadership development programs please contact us at 81-90-3177-8051.